Heavy Duty Transmission Jack


Designed for removal and installation of transmissions, differentials and other components on heavy vehicles, Ideal for servicing buses, trucks and construction equipment. Use with above ground lifts or in pits.




  • Ergonomic design promotes health and safety in the work place
  • Heavy capacity 3500 lbs.
  • Fast and easy operation, thanks to the air driven hydraulic pump.
  • Air filter-regulator-lubricator included.
  • Manual pump provides precise positioning.
  • Large “X” design base for stability and easy access.
  • Fully adjustable universal table comes with two ratchet tie-down straps to secure the load to the jack.

  • Three table sizes available to better suit different jobs.
  • A variety of table adaptors are available to hold specific transmissions and differentials.
  • Large heavy-duty ball bearing wheels.
  • Locks on rear wheels.
  • Two models to choose from.


This heavy-duty transmission jack is as well suited for the big Allisons as it is for the Eaton Road-Ranger.With three table sizes available to suit any job, from transmissions to differentials, axle assemblies, fuel tanks, air tanks and steering boxes, it has become a favourite across North America.

A unique design, combines the power and speed of an air driven hydraulic pump for quick and effortless lifting with a hand pump for precise adjustment.Exact control of the transmission is achieved with the large heavy-duty table tilt controls.

Open sides give the technician easy access to the mounting hardware.

Open front allows for ample room to support the engine while the transmission is being removed.

A special Support stand is available to support the engine, Model No. SKCV 5480-07.

The central mounted cylinder means the transmission doesn’t shift front to back as the jack moves up or down and the table can rotate 360 degrees.Two wide spaced tow handles allow controlled movement of the jack.



Diameter wheels:
• 8 inches front
• 6 inches rear, with brake.
• 12 degrees front to back.
• 12 degrees side to side.
• 3500 lbs.
Minimum height:
• 35 inches.
Maximum height:
• 74 inches.



A - 26" x 16".
(Available only on SKTJ-401)
B - 20" x 14".
C - 16" x 13".



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