High Lift Wheel Dolly


Model No. Capacity Lifting Height Width Length Height
SKWD-500 1000 lbs. 52 Inches 37 Inches 42 Inches 76 Inches
SKWD-501 850 lbs. 52 Inches 38 Inches 67 Inches 76 Inches


For removal and installation of single and dual wheels on raised buses and trucks, Ideal for brake work. Use with mobile column lifts, four post and in-ground lifts.


Ergonomic design promotes health and safety in the work place.
Open centre design allows full access to the wheel mounting hardware.
Heavy capacity 1000 lbs.
Fast and easy operation, thanks to the air driven hydraulic pump.
Lifting fork tilts up 10 degrees and down 4 degrees, in order to match the wheel to the wheel axle.
For precise control, a hand pump operates the tilt on the lifting forks.
Handling is made easy by means of two full length handles.
Heavy duty ball bearing wheels.
Safety cam-buckle strap provided to secure tires and wheels to the dolly.
Counterbalanced version, MODEL # SKWD-501 is available to use with parallelogram lifts.


Model SKWD-500

Model SKWD-500

Lifting speed: Lifting fork tilt adjustment: Operating air pressure: Wheel diameter:
52 inches per minute. 10 degrees above horizontal.
4 degrees below horizontal.
100 to 120 PSI. 5 inches with ball bearings.

When it comes to safety in a busy garage, an investment in high performance heavy-duty equipment can be a wise decision.

Working in a bus or truck garage is tough work. OSHA studies have shown that work related injuries cost American businesses billions of dollars per year.Working up-right in a natural standing position reduces back injuries and makes the job more profitable. For brake work to be done right the technician must have easy access to the wheels, pads, spiders, slack adjusters and boosters. A raised vehicle provides better access. Employee retention is the new catch phrase. You train them and they go to work for your competitor. Give them state of the art equipment and they will stay and make your business more profitable.

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