ST 1175 Mobile Columns


With one set of four lifting columns you have a lifting capacity of 70 tonnes at your fingertips. The ST 1175 is specially designed for hoisting aircraft tractors, mining machines, locomotives, etc.




  • Easily movable, by a single user.
  • The fastest mobile lift around.
  • Columns can be controled individualy, by pairs or as a whole.
  • Ergonomic design, leaving the most workspace.
  • The most certified columns.
  • Easy to use control cabinet.

The advanced Stertil-Koni mobile column lift has earned its popularity because it has cleared the way for efficient and flexible workshop management.

The ST 1175 hydraulic mobile column lift is used for lifting exceptionally heavy vehicles, e.g. aircraft tractors, mining vehicles, trains, boxcars, locomotives, etc.

The number of lifting columns required depends on the weight of the vehicle or the number of axles.

Each lifting column has a lifting capacity of 40,000 lbs. / 17.500 kg. Consequently, four columns have a total lifting capacity of 160,000 lbs. / 70.000 kg. The total lifting capacity can be increased by adding more columns up to a maximum of 32. The Stertil-Koni mobile
columns are user-friendly and thoroughly reliable. Parts are in stock and available for up to 25 years after production.



Lifting capacity:
40,000 lbs
Lifting system:
hydraulic lifting system with microprocessor controlled tracking/synchronization system
Lifting height:
Lifting time:
243 seconds.
Motor power :
3 hp per column
2,650 lbs per column
Column height :
155 3/4 "



The following models can be identified:

Model No. Columns per Set Capacity Lifting Height Front Wheels Certification Voltage
ST-1175, Wheel Lift Four 160,000lbs 69 inches Retractable CE 220/460/575, 3 Phase
ST-1175-R, Frame Contact Lift Four 160,000lbs 69 inches Retractable CE 220/460/575, 3 Phase
Maximum configuration for the ST-1175  models is a set of 32 columns



• Superior control system with a control cabinet on each individual column.
• Patented slow lowering selector switch for slow and normal descent speed of the vehicle.
• Adjustable forks length 14” suitable for handling super single drive axle tires.
• Retractable wheel design integrated in the base frame, reducing floor surface pressure and improving column stability.
• Sturdy drive over connection cables.
• Remote control.
• Forklift adapters.
• Traverse beams.
• Lighting.



• Accessory
• Accessory

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